What is your goals for 2015

I have to say that 2014 was a great roller coaster ride of trails and tribulation!

Well it`s been an awesome year to reflect of my 2014 goals. I have crossed off about all of them but I made it a goal not to stress the small stuff , I so stopped worrying. This is a great year for starting businesses and other get adventure too start making money to which you love to do…

My goals for 2015

1. Start a small tours to travel to Peru, India, Myanmar and Thailand

2. Set-up an online affiliate business with zero inventory and staff.

3. Have more free-time for friends and family.

4. Set-up a master mind group for spiritual people online

5. Grow my online presence through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instgram, Pinterest and YouTube.

6. Make online Podcast for helping people grow rich as a person

7. Design my Youtube channel to inspire people.

These are a brief on the fly approach to making a simple list of goals to make in 10 minutes.